Over 30 years of caring Brunei Darussalam.

    We are also committed in preventing all forms of pollution. It is the policy of Menara EE to create the least impact on the environment. In view of that, we strive to;

    • Save paper (trees) by doing double-sided copies, use rough paper where possible and keep unusable paper for recycling. Rough paper should also be cut into smaller pieces for notes.
    • Papers that are not used anymore should be stacked in one place and will be sent for recycle.
    • Switch off lights, computers, screens after use.
    • Use water carefully.
    • Dispose of chemicals such as motor oil appropriately.
    • No open burning.
    • Recycle, Reuse, Repair, Reduce.

    Employees are actively encouraged to keep all waste to minimum and recycle when possible.

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  • WE DO
  • Residential

    • Katok 30-unit Residences External Works
    • Rimba Public Housing Electrical Works
    • Lambak Kiri, Kanan Public Housing Electrical Works
    • VIP Houses Maintenance
    • Supply & Install TVs and Household Appliances to Government Residences

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  • Commercial

    • Shakirin, Kiulap 40-unit Complexes
    • PTE Katok School Air-conditioning
    • Jubilee Hotel Electrical Works
    • Street and Compound Lightings
    • Fire Protection, Suppression System in MinDef Kitchen
    • Sg. Akar, Kg. Bunut, Jubilee Mosques Electrical Works
    • Lightning & Surge Suppression in Government Buildings
    • Stadium High Mast Lighting Maintenance

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  • Industrial

    • BMC Methanol Plant Electrical Works
    • Sg. Paku Waste Treatment Plant
    • Kg Pandan Sewerage Plant
    • Generator Sets Installations
    • Replacement of Switchboards, Substation Equipment for Government
    • Technical Maintenance of Distribution Transformers
    • 11kV Network Reinforcement Works

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